Sedation Dentistry

As part of our mission to provide excellent oral healthcare in a patient-oriented setting, our practice takes the comfort of our guests very seriously. We offer sedation dentistry for those with dental fears and phobias along with those receiving lengthy or complex treatment. Sedation dentistry relaxes the body and mind so that those in treatment can rest peacefully. If you have questions about your comfort, feel free to call Ryerson & Associates to discuss your needs.

A Solution for Anxiety and Dental Phobia

Dental anxiety and phobia can be very debilitating. In some instances, people may forego the oral healthcare they need for years out of fear. The symptoms of dental anxiety include feeling intensely afraid, nervous, and panicked in dental settings or when thinking of dental settings. Dental phobia is one of the more common phobias among those with anxiety, and because severe anxiety can affect a person’s access to oral healthcare, we offer sedation dentistry. Ryerson & Associates provides various types of sedation at different strengths to accommodate the needs of our guests. Medications used in sedation dentistry work with receptors in the brain that produce the chemicals responsible for feelings of intense fear and panic.

Increased Comfort During Treatment

When it comes to lengthy, complex, or invasive treatments, sedation dentistry can help increase comfort. Normally, when combined with anesthetics, sedation helps produce a calming and relaxing effect on the entire body. This is helpful for those who prefer to doze off during treatment or for those with low thresholds for discomfort. Our mission is to ensure that all guests enjoy positive experiences.

Types of Sedation Offered

There are different forms of sedation that all offer unique benefits and advantages for various treatment protocols. The mildest form of sedation is nitrous oxide – also known as laughing gas. This gas is administered through a nasal mask and produces mild euphoric feelings. Nitrous oxide is ideal for simple treatments and procedures like placing fillings.

The second type of sedation involves prescribing medication from the benzodiazepine class of drugs. These medications are formulated to stop the chemical reactions that produce anxiety and intense worry.

Another form of sedation dentistry is IV conscious sedation. This type of sedation is reserved for long or invasive treatments. Sometimes, those with incredibly debilitating anxiety might benefit from this treatment but most with dental phobia and anxiety experience relief with nitrous oxide and prescription tablets.

Patients receiving prescription medications with sedating and pain-relieving effects will need to have a family member bring them to and from their appointments.

Call Ryerson & Associates for questions about sedation dentistry.

Sedation Dentistry FAQs

What is dental anxiety and phobia?

Dental anxiety and phobia are feelings of intense worry, fear, and dread that can affect a person’s experience during treatment. This kind of anxiety is specific to dental settings. Certain sounds and smells of a dental practice can evoke intense and often uncontrollable emotions. Sometimes, people have such intense fears of dental treatment, that they will go years without seeing a dentist for a checkup or cleaning.

It is important that all people receive the oral healthcare they need and deserve. If you suffer with anxiety and phobia related to dental settings, you might want to discuss sedation dentistry with our team. Sedation dentistry is beneficial for anxious patients as well as those receiving complex or lengthy treatment. There are different levels of sedation available to suit almost anyone’s needs.

Is sedation dentistry safe?

Yes, sedation dentistry is safe when administered in a controlled environment under appropriate supervision. Our practice follows strict FDA protocols and ADA recommendations when it comes to performing any treatment – including the administration of anesthetics and sedatives.

Most of the time, very mild compounds and medications are used to increase a patient’s comfort during treatment. Nitrous oxide, for example, is a form of sedation available that does not produce lingering effects like grogginess, slurred speech, or motor impairment. While nitrous oxide is effective for some, it might not be right for all patients in need of sedation dentistry. Some patients with more debilitating anxiety or those receiving invasive treatment may be prescribed medication. This medication is a sedative in tablet form (oral sedation). It is formulated to relax the central nervous system and prevent the chemical reactions responsible for feelings of intense fear and panic.

What is laughing gas?

“Laughing gas” is a colloquial term for nitrous oxide, which is a mild analgesic that produces warm and relaxing feelings of euphoria. This gaseous compound is delivered through a soft nasal mask. It is tasteless and odorless but quickly produces a pain-relieving and relaxing effect. Nitrous oxide is commonly used to increase the efficacy of local anesthetics and improve patient comfort. It is also beneficial for those with anxiety. Nitrous oxide is a safe and relatively mild way to increase a person’s level of comfort during treatments such as preparing teeth for restorations, periodontal therapy, and even tooth extractions.

How much does sedation dentistry cost?

Patients receiving sedation in the form of nitrous oxide and prescription tablets are often surprised at the affordability of these services – especially when one considers the benefits of an increased level of comfort. Those with dental insurance might have coverage for sedation dentistry in their policies. If you have questions about what your insurance covers, we recommend looking through your explanation of benefits handbook or call a customer service agent from your insurance company.

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