Our full-service dental practice is proud to offer orthodontic treatment options for our patients who desire straighter, healthier smiles. Ryerson & Associates provides Invisalign treatment and the Fast Braces System to accommodate the diverse needs of our patients. Orthodontic treatment is a wise investment in your oral health and appearance.

The Importance of a Straight Smile

While the benefits of a straight smile certainly include an improved aesthetic, there are other reasons to seek out orthodontic treatment. Having straight, properly spaced teeth can reduce the risk of oral conditions like dental caries and gum disease since teeth that are aligned properly and spaced adequately are easier to clean. Tooth alignment is also important for preserving tooth structure. If our teeth our misaligned, our teeth will make contact where they shouldn’t. This can lead to the development of worn dentition, which often requires restorative dental work to protect biological teeth.


Invisalign is a discreet treatment option for adults and some teens that involve patients wearing clear, plastic appliances called “aligners”. These appliances are custom made from molds of a person’s teeth. Aligners fit snuggly so that they can apply consistent pressure to teeth to create tooth movement. This treatment option is beneficial for aligning and spacing teeth properly. Invisalign is undetectable, comfortable, and convenient. Aligners are removable for meals and oral hygiene so that patients do not experience difficulty with oral function.

Fast Braces

Fast Braces is a unique orthodontic system that utilizes uniquely designed brackets and square-shaped wire to move teeth. What makes Fast Braces an expedient treatment is the fact that this system is designed to move the crowns and roots of teeth simultaneously. With Fast Braces, many people enjoy incredibly short treatment times – especially when compared to conventional braces.

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Orthodontics FAQs

What are clear braces and how do they work?

There are a few manufacturers of clear braces. Some orthodontic systems are considered “clear braces” if clear appliances are used. For those desiring a discreet orthodontic treatment option, our practice offers Invisalign. This orthodontic system utilizes clear appliances called aligners, which are removable. The aligners are made from clear, slightly pliable plastic. Worn over teeth like a retainer, Invisalign’s aligners are custom made from impressions taken by our dentist. Since aligners are custom made, they will apply the appropriate amount of pressure to teeth to generate tooth movement. As treatment progresses, tooth positioning will change.

All orthodontic treatment options involve applying pressure consistently to teeth so that they move over time. Invisalign works the same way. The difference, however, is in the materials used to create orthodontic appliances and how they are worn. Conventional orthodontia utilizes fixed appliances like brackets and archwires, which are tightened over time to create force and pressure. With Invisalign, instead of having archwire tightened, a person will wear a series of aligners that become successively tighter. A set of aligners is worn for two weeks and then exchanged for a tighter set. At the end of treatment, patients will enjoy a beautiful, straight smile.

Are clear braces right for me?

Clear braces like the Invisalign system can help a great deal of people – especially adults who desire a discreet treatment method for improving the placement of their teeth. While Invisalign can correct issues with tooth placement and some occlusal problems, this treatment option may not meet everyone’s needs.

The best way to determine if Invisalign is right for you is to reserve a consultation with our dentist. At your appointment, our team will take X-rays, review the positioning of your teeth, and discuss your treatment goals. Consultations are a great opportunity to ask us any questions you might have. If Invisalign is not right for your needs, our practice also offers Fast Braces. This treatment option focuses on specially designed brackets and square-shaped wires to move the crowns and roots of teeth at the same time, which significantly speeds up treatment times.

How long does orthodontic treatment take?

Your oral anatomy is unique and so the is the placement of your teeth. Since people’s needs vary wildly from person to person, the time it takes to achieve one’s treatment goals fluctuates. Fortunately, our practice offers two orthodontic solutions that offer shorter treatment times. Fast Braces and Invisalign tend to produce results more quickly than conventional orthodontia. After a consultation with our dentist, an estimate on one’s treatment time can be determined.

What is the average cost of clear braces for adults?

Costs for adult braces vary. This is because people can have unique and diverse needs. Since orthodontics is a highly customized service, it is important to consider that everyone’s tooth positioning and unique oral anatomy can dictate different treatment methods and treatment times, both of which can affect cost. Additionally, some people may require treatment such as tooth extractions before receiving braces – another factor that can affect costs. After consulting with our dentist, our staff will be happy to provide estimates for treatment.

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Our dental practice is proud to offer orthodontic treatment options for our patients who desire straighter, healthier smiles. We provide Invisalign treatment and the Fast Braces System to serve the diverse needs of our patients.


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