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Prevention is better and less expensive than Correction.

I tell every patient that “I’m more interested in them learning to care for themselves and in keeping their teeth for a life-time, than I am in fixing their teeth.” … and I ask “are they interested in becoming healthy, inexpensively?”

Dentistry has been on the wrong path for a long time. The government and insurance companies compound the problem when they pay only for repair; and nothing for prevention. There is not enough time or money to get back in control, if we don’t start creating relationships to effect the lives and health of patients dependent on our care….and our caring. Read More…

Our dental practice really is all about the patient.

The patient is the reason we exist.

It amazes me how most dentists haven’t figured this out, and probably never will. Those offices are typically trying to talk patients into treatment without asking the patient what they want. How should you feel about treating someone when you don’t know what they want?

Patients who have been with us for years are living and breathing this Person-Centered experience. Read More…

An obvious measure of the health of your dental practice would be the health of your patients, but the health of the relationship with your patients may be even more important than the health of your patients; because if you fail to establish, or worse yet, violate that relationship, the patient will not let you treat them even if you’re one of the finest dentists in the community.

“When a patient leaves your office able to explain to his friends his relationship with you and how it benefits him immediately and in the years ahead, you have established a relationship with that patient which is the only sound basis for the growth of your practice, and the development of your profession. Read More…

Dr. James A Ryerson | Dr. Derek Weigand | | Ryerson & Associates | Dentist | Muscle Shoals AL

"You must make the patient in front of you first and foremost...and the rest will follow. It requires purity of motive and integrity of action."

– Dr. James A. Ryerson

Our Goal is to Create a Trusting Relationship.

All of our patients feel welcome and truly cared for!

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Featured Dental Services


Dental Implants

Dental implants are a revolutionary treatment option for replacing lost teeth. This tooth replacement solution effectively increases oral function with durable, long lasting prosthetics.



Our dental practice is proud to offer orthodontic treatment options for our patients who desire straighter, healthier smiles. We provide Invisalign treatment and the Fast Braces System to serve the diverse needs of our patients.


Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is a necessary form of treatment that treats infected material deep inside a tooth. Our practice provides endodontic therapy to save teeth from the need for extraction.